Empowering Resource


Through action, we have uncovered common denominators that will either drive your resource to success or hinder your possibility of maximising it efficiently through unchecked wastage.

Two important factors which we underline for immediate attention stem from a general lack of information on cost effects from various aspects of the business or an overwhelming necessity of routine, mundane tasks which tie up resource that could be better implemented elsewhere to far more fruitful effect.

We implement technological solutions to liberate resource and tie in all aspects of the business, freeing up previously occupied resource from the top down, culminating in a snowball effect of empowerment in the roles assigned to each individual staff member as every element of the business brings about new ways of merging roles for increased efficiency with no increase in actual work load. Taking retention marketing as an example, by establishing individual user budget and ROI efficiency parameters we have empowered the customer support team to act as a retention marketing resource on an individual customer basis, effectively developing an organic sales team with the end result directly influencing end revenue results.

By moving onto Fraud and Payments aspects of the business we understood that much of the tasks required were tied to sourcing information and not managing it, which we have made more effective by allowing software to bring the information to end-user through a pre-defined set of parameters greatly freeing up resource. A first contact resolution situation was born as resource empowerment sets in, the by-product being the establishment of a thoroughly efficient and maximised return on invested resource across the board culminating through newly acquired knowledge by merging roles as well as diligent technological parameters.