Customer Segments


We are all aware of customer segment necessity and see it in our everyday lives – business class flights, miles and more schemes, loyalty cards for almost every aspect of our lives. Sure, more you spend more you get – that’s straight forward. There is however an aspect of our industry that is very prominent: our customers take money back.

Besides the old-fashioned VIP scale stating that X worth = X reward, have you thought about how your customers flow in their lifetime cycle in the sub-groups of your operation? What is the bonus to deposit ratio for your customer at the beginning, versus middle of the month. How can a bet to bankroll ratio and bet volatility dictate the potential exposure a specific player group has on your business and whether your consistent blind one-for-all loyalty program is unable to recognise the exposure high risk customers bring to the table?

How many deposits at an RTP below 80% will it take, for the customer to feel they are owed the world and how can the Service desk contact count indicate increasing disgruntlement with lady luck? These answers are contained within micro-segments: groups that your player belongs in, irrelevant of their revenue contributions. Behavioural indicators that warn of a need for change and action ahead of time. Your customers are expensive to maintain. Some more than others, some faster than others, but they all become at one time or another very expensive to maintain.

Recognising the customer type early on, and looking out for behavioural indicators toward the varying stages of their lifecycle will not only extend the said cycle, but will ensure you do it for less.