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nexus [nek-suh s] - (noun)

That, which is of greatest importance to an entity, group, activity or interest from Latin, 'a binding together'

Nexus. What is our worth to you?

Everyone is worth something to someone. For us, our absolute focus is on knowledge, efficiency and revenue in business. That makes us worthwhile to many.

Nexus was started as a by-product. It came out of the need to create something from very little and in order to do that, we had to analyse everything in our business process and industry we operate in - your industry.

Our first client, or what was to become our first client, had approached me through a mutual contact. At the time I held a senior position with a top 3 gaming operator in the world, with over £500M declared toward their annual revenue. This was back in 2010. They were a tiny outfit that was in dire straits, whose executive team abandoned ship, leaving over half a million in debt, no captain at the helm and no prospects toward any future. The business owners had urgently required someone to quite literally “do something” to salvage the substantial investment that was already sunk into the business. The catch – they had all but tapped out their war chest. This was not going to be easy.

At the time, I was regularly meeting with few industry-colleagues. Living in a small island quite literally littered with gaming suppliers, affiliates, market vendors and operators of all kinds, we were collectively spread out across some of the biggest B2C, B2B and Online Media corporations and we were all aware of a common problem – we can all do so much better! It was as if the industry had grown so big, so fast, that money quite literally grew on trees. We were all convinced that vast improvement can be achieved in each of our areas.

We saw a challenge in this client: an opportunity to undertake the gauntlet ourselves. We created Nexus, organised technologies and delved into each area of business on a micro-economic level. Every cent accounted, no rock unturned, each and every process scrutinized. The rest is, as they say, history. The client grew to be one of the most respected new entities in the casino world, collecting two consecutive players choice awards for best casino and we - well, we grew into the turnkey solution supplier we stand for today.

This is not a sales pitch kind of story. In the pages ahead, I've made sure to approach every aspect of the business that we focus on and provide insight into what exactly it is that we do. If you end up with even a modicum of curiosity of whether we can improve your existing business area, or even help you start your own, then do come see us here at ICE at stand N5-330, or contact us as you to relax back into your routine.

Either way, we hope you have had a fruitful start to 2016.
Best of luck!

Igor Samardziski

Igor Samardziski