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Senior UX Web Designers

As a senior UX web designer, you will be responsible for the design end-product and work as part of a team responsible for visual excellence and branding. You will be a fundamental asset with regards to the creation and maintenance of well thought-out and highly enjoyable end-user experiences.

Senior UX web designers are expected to be a reference point for other web designers by fulfilling a mentorship role when necessary and a driving force for the rest of the design team.

User experience guru
Adobe CC technologies
Team leader qualities
Visual design excellence and branding.
Attention to detail

What you do?

All members of the web design team are expected to work closely with project managers and business analysts as well as other web professionals such as front-end developers.

Your duties will be as follows:

  • Ability to function as part of a team in agile sprints.
  • Analysis and improvement of the end-user experience for any project.
  • Planning of overall website flow, end-user experience and site functionality.
  • Implementation of responsive design patterns.
  • Creation of layouts and on-site elements to optimize visual appeal.
  • Creation of detailed design mockups.
  • Creation of navigable static designs for presentation to management.
  • Creation of in-depth brand guidelines.
  • Competitive analysis; both within and outside of the iGaming industry to ensure the best UX/UI experience for end-users and to stay ahead of market trends.
  • Creation of brand logos including variation sets of said logos.
  • Creation of vector icon sets.
  • Creation of well legible and maintainable documentation when undertaking new, or updating existing projects.
  • Designing of streamlined UI animations and online/offline graphic elements.
  • Designing of enticing and well laid-out content areas, newsletters, on-site/affiliate banners and on-site graphic elements.
  • Designing of highly converting landing pages and mini-sites.
  • Co-ordination with outside agencies such as print houses.
  • Co-ordination with copywriters and graphic artists.
  • Maintenance of a streamlined workflow including maintenance of project related ticketing.
  • Maintenance of organized file naming conventions and working directory structures.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest software, trends and technologies.

Your senior duties will be as follows:

  • Accurate time projection on projects for self, as well as assistance for junior designers
  • Time management of self and of junior designers
  • Mentorship of other designers when necessary
  • Ensuring department process is maintained by all members of the design team
  • Act as the glue and driving force within the design team when required
  • Report to the head of delivery (head of department).
  • Assume first level responsibility for design related deliveries.
  • Ensure brand guidelines are maintained by junior designers.
  • Assist, when required, in the performance reviews of other employees within the team.
  • Maintain team efficiency and team organization.

What you know?

To apply for this position, you should be proficient in the following:

  • How to lead a team.
  • UI/UX design for responsive websites.
  • Human to computer psychology of interaction.
  • Agile methodologies.
  • Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud
  • Axure RP prototyping software (or similar)

You will be considered ahead of the curb if you have:

  • Prior experience in creating brand guidelines
  • Prior experience in iGaming
  • Good drawing skills
  • Experience in Google Web Designer

Required experience

All applicants who which to apply for this position should have the following:

  • Min. 5 years full time web design
  • Min. 2 years in leadership role
  • A strong portfolio of work

Who you are?

  • You are a passionate and driven designer
    Web design can be a labor of love, but you love what you do and have the passion and drive to want to leave your mark in the creative industry.
  • You are awareness of your audience
    You can tailor your work to meet the expectations of your audience.
  • You are a team player
    Although you are independent, you function well within a team framework.
  • You are a team player
    Where other people see a straight line, you see the microscopic curve at the edge of the pixels.
  • You are meticulous
    You don’t just do what you do as a nine-to-five, it’s something you love doing and do with pride.
  • You have a sense of vision
    You have an excellent sense of vision and can grasp what it is a client is asking for, you can visualize the end-result and set a clear goal.
  • You have strong communication skills
    You are a good listener and can engage in meaningful conversations making sure all parties are in agreement with the work that is being done.

Who we are?

Nexus is an aggressively expanding business within the Gaming Industry, based in Malta, with international development hubs. The business is highly developed in both B2C and B2B services and requires a team that is highly proactive and career driven. You would be a member of a very young and forward thinking team with fast career growth opportunity.

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