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Senior Front-end Developers

As a front-end developer will be responsible the final front-end product delivery and the implementation of design concepts created by the design team in a manner which is; true to and follows the brand guide, extend-able, maintain-able, structured and test-able.

As a senior front-end developer, you are expected to maintain a highly-organized and centralized work structure for yourself and your team with minimal to no supervision.

Team leader qualities
Robust, modular JavaScript & jQuery
Attention to detail

What you do?

All members of the front-end development team are expected to work closely with project managers and business analysts, follow company process and deliver top-notch engineered solutions both on an individual basis as part of a team.

Your duties will be as follows:

  • Ability to function as part of a team in agile sprints.
  • Ability to work within a collaborative team using code distribution and versioning tools (GitLab).
  • Conversion of web designs into functional reality
  • Creation neat and fully functional front-end code including:
    • W3C compliant HTML5 / CSS3
    • Modular JavaScript in a well-structured format
    • CORS compliant AJAX
    • CSS3 and JavaScript driven animations and transitions
    • Code written on department foundational libraries (jQuery, Bootstrap)
    • Strong in-line documentation
  • Creation of in-page HTML content.
  • Creation of HTML mailers and banners.
  • Creation of object oriented JavaScript built on standard frameworks.
  • Production of front-end code implementing standard frameworks.
  • Production of front-end code which is properly responsive, structured, versioned, maintainable and testable.
  • Production of well documented front-end code.
  • Production of responsive, cross-browser, cross-device, W3C compliant code.
  • Maintenance of existing websites when required.
  • Maintenance of organized file naming conventions and working directory structures.
  • Maintenance of a streamlined workflow including maintenance of project related ticketing.
  • Integration of external third-party scripts such as Google Analytics, Live Chat, etc.
  • Testing and debugging of code.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest software, trends and technologies.
  • Function as a robust bridge between web designers and back-end developers.

Your senior duties will be as follows:

  • Accurate time projection on projects for self, as well as assistance for junior front-end devs.
  • Time management of self and of junior front-end devs.
  • Mentorship of other front-end devs when necessary.
  • Ensuring department process is maintained by all members of the front-end dev team.
  • Act as the glue and driving force within the front-end dev team when required.
  • Report to the head of delivery (head of department).
  • Assume first level responsibility for front-end dev related deliveries.
  • Assist, when required, in the performance reviews of other employees within the team.
  • Maintain team efficiency and team organization.

What you know?

To apply for this position, you should be proficient in the following:

  • How to lead a team
  • Agile development
  • W3C compliant, responsive HTML5
  • W3C compliant CSS3
  • Robust, modular JavaScript
  • LESS
  • GitLab version control
  • Twitter Bootstrap v3.3+
  • jQuery v3.2+
  • Gulp

You will be considered ahead of the curb if you have:

  • Prior experience in iGaming
  • Prior experience with qUnit
  • Prior experience with Bower

Required experience

All applicants who which to apply for this position should have the following:

  • Min. 5 years full-time front-end development
  • Min. 2 years in leadership role
  • A portfolio of work

Who you are?

  • You are a person with clear thinking skills
    Your thought process is logically driven, you calculate twice and fire once.
  • You have remarkable attention to detail
    It’s in your nature to like things done precisely, you value the importance to un-ambiguity and you tend to constantly strive towards this.
  • You are a team player
    Although you are independent, you function well within a team framework.
  • You are a quick learner outside of programming
    You get things quickly, usually without the need of too much explaining. You are a naturally intuitive person.
  • You have a passion for what you do
    You don’t just do what you do as a nine-to-five, it’s something you love doing and do with pride.
  • You have strong communication skills
    You are a good listener and can engage in meaningful conversations making sure all parties agree with the work that is being done.
  • You are focused and well organized
    You understand the need to keep things organized, it tends to come naturally to you as does immersing yourself in your work.

Who we are?

Nexus is an aggressively expanding business within the Gaming Industry, based in Malta, with international development hubs. The business is highly developed in both B2C and B2B services and requires a team that is highly proactive and career driven. You would be a member of a very young and forward thinking team with fast career growth opportunity.

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